Good Morning Alaska

Gifts of the Iditarod



Looking for that perfect gift this holiday season?
Put your name or that of a loved one on the Alaskan Wall! 
Looking for a way to reward your employees, thank your clients, or provide a unique, personalized business gift?
  Put a name on the Alaskan Wall for a fun, unique gift that everyone loves!

Your name represents your life! Create a lasting memory of yourself or that of a family member or dear friend by having your special name engraved upon an eight foot long varnished nameplate permanently displayed next to the historic Iditarod Trail in Alaska!

This Keepsake Gift is a perpetual gift that keeps on giving year after year! For just $20.00 we will engrave the name you submit into imported premium grade Canadian Fir wood, and embedded with a brilliant weather resistant gloss!

Every name engraved upon the Alaskan Wall helps to form an enclosure which is home to a pair of nesting swans, mountain ash trees and various other flora and fauna. The Alaskan Wall is open free to the public throughout the year. Every name which is engraved upon the wall is also recorded on the wall's official web site of

For every name which is etched upon The Alaskan Wall, an evergreen seedling is planted in the nearby forest. In 2014 over 300 Siberian Larch and Black Spruce seedlings were planted, and in 2015 that number will double!

When your name is carved and permanently displayed next to the historic Iditarod Trail, we will email you a photo of your submitted name! (Please allow three weeks)!

We suggest a $20.00 donation for each name carved. There is no need to submit payment until after we have mailed you a photograph of the the name(s) we have carved for you!

It is hoped that all of these names on the Alaskan Wall and on this  website of  will last indefinitely!

Having a name carved upon the Alaskan Wall is the perfect gift to get your friends and family, and helps to protect some endangered waterfowl and help in our re-forestation efforts!

Happy Holidays!

The Alaskan Wall
P.O. Box 873261
Wasilla, Alaska 99687